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Mission Statement

Students today learn differently than before internet technology. Students now would benefit much on easy to use sources to meet their educational goals.

With our optimized search engine for educational purposes, a student will be able to find resources to help them achieve that goal with accuracy.


Parsing Search Results

This product has the ability to parse information from any part of the web into easy-to-use links, which uses filters and algorithms to display different formats of information.Voidless-Solutions is bridging the gap between the 20th and 21st Century way of education for hard sciences.

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We believe that Teachers will continue to center their classrooms around textbooks due to textbooks' logical incremention of concepts, but Heavy textbooks are a way of the past, all students will utilize e-books. We are developing an Application that will optimize students' learning based on their unique learning styles. In the past, when classrooms showed difficulty in learning a fragment of a subject, teachers, 3 million in the U.S., would create additional material to help their students throughout these difficult parts of the subject(s). With #GoOpen, this governmental initiative is pushing for accessibility of this individually-created material. Partnerships with Amazon, Edmodo, Microsoft, Creative Commons, and ASCD are making it possible to host the material in a cloud, enable searching and curating of the material, indexing the material for easier localization, and enabling teachersto propel this vision together. Power in numbers.

Faccilitating Searches With SEO

This product guides users with top key SEO words with a great user experience to lead you towards a perfect search.

Web & Open Source Learning

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